As a stay at home mom, I’m always looking for ways to rake in the dough, especially during the holiday season. Saving money can be as good as making it so before placing ANY online order, I first google search for any promo code that can be applied to my order. I rarely come up empty handed and usually score at least 20% off plus free shipping.

Something I have done for 10+ years is sell on eBay. If you haven’t yet sold on eBay don’t be intimidated, the eBay app is user friendly and makes listing your items a breeze. You’d be surprised by what is lying around your house that won’t be missed and will make a quick profit.

I would love to hear your most treasured eBay find or flip…

I recently found a gorgeous pair of custom, hand crafted cowboy boots by world renowned David Little of Little’s Boots, San Antonio, Tx. They were black calf leather with inlay white music notes. A steal from our local Salvation Army for $9 that I sold on eBay for $90. Little’s Boots sell new starting at $1,400 so this made both my buyer and myself satisfied.

How about local craft shows and Etsy’s online market for turning your handmade goods and vintage items into quick cash?

Last spring I fell in love with the little girls bubble gum necklaces and made a few myself which I sold on a local facebook trade and sell site. Of course, I held onto a few for my daughters who adore them! What do you think?