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Autumn is finally here. I am saturating myself in all colors, scents and tastes of fall. Still warm days here in Nor Cal and the leaves haven’t changed to the beautiful oranges and reds, but the brisk mornings and cool nights are a nice break from the still hot days. I am already making preparations for the creature comforts we crave, such as home-made baked breads, stews, cuddly blankets, seasonal decor and our new Wooly Buddy’s!

I love the warmth and whimsy of each of these hands-on plush kits for kids 12 and up. These wooly, cozy creatures are perfect for your next fall craft day and much more original that Build A Bear Workshop. They add whimsy and fun to any room. Throw them in with your sofa pillow, topped on your kids bed, or simply a new friend in the toy box. These are just way to cute! Can be purchased as a kit that you knit together yourself, with complete instructions. Kits start at $24.00 Above are examples of a few. View complete line at http://woolbuddy.com/