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I want to talk about eurOrganics Beauty “Your Passport to Beauty”, which says it all in their creative name. This beauty store offers Europe’s best in organic beauty to the US! I love it! What a great concept. We all hear about Europeans containing secrets to youth and beauty in their diet and products. Now, we can shop the hottest labels from United Kingdom, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, France, Spain and Scandinavia, without leaving our living room.

EurOrganics sent me best-selling face wash from PHYT’s, their Water Soluble Cleansing Cream, along with small packet samples of products they carry from brands like Phyt’s, Phyto, Akta,and more. I fancy the pretty packaging and thier brochure that resembles a passport is a charming touch!

Phyt’s cream cleanser comes in a 7 oz tube for dry/normal or normal/combination skin. Retail $28.00

Pht’s Cleansing Cream is very rich and creamy and I can see the bottle lasting a long time. You can feel the hydration and it would be a gentle daily cleanser for someone who has dry skin. It wasn’t a great match for me, who has oily skin. It’s too bad. I think this is a good cleaner just not for oily or acne prone skin types.

EurOrganics Beauty store definitely carries something for everyone. It’s a smart alternative to stores like Sephora who carry some organic products but you have to search for them and read the fine print. This is a healthy skin store that has the romanticism of french couture and the exotic blends of a Greek goddess. What a luxury to shop here! I am dreaming of AA Eco Pumpkin Body scrub this fall! Yum! Check it out on the front page. If you find something you really want to try but aren’t ready to invest in the full size, ask to try it for free! US address only.

Shop http://www.eurorganicsbeauty.com/

Please share your opinions. I welcome any individual product reviews from products purchased at EurOrganics.