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I challenge my beautiful readers to stop what your doing right now and go to your medicine cabinet or make up bag, pickup the first thing you see and read the small print on the back label under “ingredients”. How many of the words can you confidentially pronounce? Are you at all familiar with the ingredients? Are you shocked by the sheer length of the list? If so, your certainly not alone.

Most likely your everyday beauty and cleaning products are chock-full of chemicals! Chemical cocktails I could break down and  identify individually but that would make for a very boring read! The simple fact is that they are there!

Our skin, the largest organ in our body, breathes and absorbs everything we put on it. Most often, big brands will use one or two natural ingredients known for their healing properties and slap it right on the front label “ACAI”, “ALOE VERA” “ARAGAN”. Why? They do this because even they know the benefits and healing properties are in our natural resources! Sadly once everything else has been added to the mix, it’s no longer feeding our skin or correcting a problem, it’s masking the problem.

Lets start taking organic, natural companies seriously! They are utilizing powerful, effective ingredients and turning their nose up to the bad fillers that are unnecessary. Just Natural is another great company I am so grateful to have stumbled upon. There are no secrets with Just Natural Organic Care. It’s all in the name. when you visit http://www.justnaturalskincare.com/index.html you won’t just find everyday care for skin and hair but natural solutions for everyday ailments such as: Acne. Dandruff. Hair Loss. Eczema. Psoriasis.

Just Natural was kind enough to send me some products for review.

Natural Acne Face Polish

This was a light gel with jojoba beads. It comes with a small plastic spatula to scoop it out and smooth over face. It has anti-bacterial properties to fight acne. After rubbing with in for a minute it began to sting a little. Some girls shy away from produvts that burn or stin. I can live with the sting if it works, in fact it makes me feel like it’s working more. Really not too bad, just something to make note of. Maybe it was the tea tree that caused this. The smell is fine, not overpowering and it also calms and helps to reduce redness. Use this once a week.

Natural Psoriasis Body Serum

Here is what Just Natural says “Formulated with deeply absorbed moisturizers that are also anti-bacterial and
anti-fungal in the most potent available source to get rid of your psoriasis and
prevent it from returning.
Karanja and Neem have proven medicinal properties with Neem often used as
an immune system booster, being anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral.
This serum for psoriasis contains high levels of antioxidants combined with
long-chain fatty acids and natural glycerides to help soothe even chronically dry, itchy skin”.

Excessive Chemicals Hair Loss Treatment

Let’s face it ladies, most of us put our hair through hell! Highlighting,coloring,flat irons, curlers, and blow drying. Heat and chemicals pay their toll over time and can cause hair loss. Spray this and massage into your scalp and leave it in at night. This treatment helps restore vital scalp circulation and contains herbal extracts and oils that are proven to help hair regrowth. I would recommend this treatment if you bleach your hair,even if you don’t notice hair loss. It;s going to give back to your hair what the bleach stripped away. Also adds shine and helps manageability.

Just Natural also carries an anti-aging line, men’s care, delicious soaps, lotions and lip balms. Check out all their products at http://www.justnaturalskincare.com/index.html and share your opinions with Eco Home Project! I love to hear from you 🙂