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I am no expert on health and fitness but I know the basics. I am not vegan and have no diet restrictions. I really enjoy cooking when it’s planned, not rushed. As a mom who needs to provide healthy meals for her family, the dreaded question “What’s for dinner?” can bring dismay. I get through this by planning weekly meals ahead, or at least I try to. 🙂

For the day to day, I really like to just graze on healthy snacks: nuts and raw fruit and veggies mostly. Eating smaller meals more often, as opposed to large 3 meals a day. This actually boosts your metabolism and prevents your from feeling STARVED!! which is important because that’s when your more likely to over eat  I don’t like the fuss of having to be creative and think about what to eat and how to keep it healthy. I just want to grab and go. So when CLIF sent us their new Kit’s Organic fruit & Nut Bars in every flavor, I was exited to try them all! Considering I am a huge LUNA bar fan, I expected them to be good! I am especially fond of the Lemon Zest!

This is what CLIF says about Kit’s Organic:

CLIF Kit’s Organic is a new, simply delicious fruit and nut bar made with a handful of ingredients. Kit’s Organic is available in four great-tasting flavors, is made with 100 percent organic fruit and nuts, and is gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free. Kit’s Organic is a low glycemic snack that provides ¾ serving of fruit along with delicious nuts in every bar. CLIF Kit’s Organic is available at natural food stores and in the natural aisle of select grocery stores. The SRP for CLIF Kit’s Organic is $1.59 per bar.

Kit’s Organics comes in Chocolate Almond Coconut, Cashew, Peanut Butter, and Berry Almond. I divided each bar into 5 pieces, 1 for Me, Hubs, Johnny, Faith and Nana.

Everyone had their favorites but one that we all really liked was the chocolate almond coconut. The kids loved this one, they said it tasted like chocolate brownies. To me, it was no competition for the chocolate-y goodness of a highly fattening brownie but it’s a perfect alternative to curb your sweet tooth. I was most exited that the kids thought they were having a treat when secretly they were getting all the good wholesome stuff their bodies needs! Peanut Butter was a close second favorite for the kids. Nana’s favorite was the Berry Almond because this is the one you can taste the fruit most.  I will definitly purchase Kit’s Organic for our home.