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When it comes time to update your home interior, there are many sustainable options that provide the fashion and design you want, while reducing our carbon footprint. It’s important to support these companies who choose to care for our environment while meeting consumer needs.

Verde Lifestyles are one of those companies who are making a difference. When you visit their store expect to find earthy, natural wood pieces, including a large selection of beautiful teak furniture. I also have been admiring their “sustainable wood twist stools” which are unique conversation pieces and functional versatile seating. I like their quality bamboo rugs offered in a wide selection of finishes. I do not have any carpet in our home because with 3 kids and 2 dogs, let’s get real, we destroy carpet! Also, I have just always been a fan of wood and tile flooring, not only because it’s easier to keep clean but it adds warmth and character to a home. I loath the vacuum, and with bamboo rugs I don’t have to! Bamboo being a grass, not a wood, grows rapidly and a lot of people would never assume that it’s actually said to be more durable than oak! Verde Lifestyles was kind enough to send me their natural bamboo 2 x 3 rug which is pictured above. Our style is an eclectic hodgepodge of things we simply “like”. And I like this rug. It’s simple, clean design is what I was looking for. The under-side of the rug is textured which prevents it from slipping and sliding on our floors.

Shop Verde Lifestyles at http://www.verdelifestyles.com/ and while your there be sure check out their blog! Verde Lifestyles Blog shares inspiring stories such as youth raising money for inner-city parks and sustainable sunglasses that hit the fashion scene!