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We attended our first Home Depot Workshop, which is held the first Sat of every month. We had so much fun and it was all FREE! Johnny and Faith nailed together bulletin boards and painted them. They walked away with their functional work of art, as well as Lorax Stickers, a Mustache (who doesn’t need an awesome fake mustache?!) and a fun memory. Before leaving we walked around Home Depot, exploring eco options for our home. We are still planning the construction of our Tiny Home, so that we may live a more efficient, sustainable lifestyle. Only, since we are building entirely on salvaged, upcycled, and gifted material and donations it’s taking time. We are always on the hunt for pieces of our home.

Have you built your home with unconventional material? Do you own or dream of earthships, shipping container homes or straw bail homes? Are you one of the “Tiny House People”? If so, or if your just interested in learning more, please talk to me.