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I am a firm believer in allowing my kids to get their hands dirty! And apparently everything else, because if you see them come in after a full day of play, they are literally covered in dirt from head to toe!

I love dressing them for school and events. I cherish girl days with my daughters filled with mani-pedis and posh perfume. But when it comes to play time, I let them make mud pies. Dig. Explore.

My Faith. She is 5 years old and scared of nothing! She catches spiders, potatoes bugs, crickets, and any other creep-crawly thing she can find. She leaves no rock unturned. And after her latest catch, the infamous and deadly black widow, I quickly sat her down and enrolled her in my impromptu, insect education course. You can imagine how scared I was when she brought me the black widow in an open coffee can! So there we sat, clicking on countless images online of the different kids of spiders and centipedes and other bugs.Teaching her which ones are dangerous and which one’s she can call her new best friends. Faith is so energetic and charismatic in her bug excavate that she managed to recruit her big brother and neighborhood kids. So I have done my part to educate the kids about dangerous spiders and bugs and now  to protect them from pesky mosquitos, fleas, ticks and biting flies, Oh My!

I did my homework, reading many reviews from all different brand of bug repellent I wanted something effective but also chemical-free and safe for even my youngest 1 yr old Layla. All of my kids have very sensitive skin and prone to irritation, so I needed a natural alternative. Well I found just what I was looking for!

California Baby Bug Repellent Spray is 100% Natural and Deet Free! Made from Organic and sustainably grown ingredients, California Baby utilizes Cedar, Lemongrass and Citronella to repelle. This is USA made, Vegan, Eco-Friendly product that is effective! It has a light lemony fresh scent. Much lighter than the deet repellents I have used. It is non-sticky!Easy to apply 6.5 spray bottle that retails for $13.49 USD. I picked up my bottle at Target!