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On a Clear day… when the sun peeps through the blinds dances on your bed…

I adore the minimalistic design of all Philosophy packaging and the charming “philosophy” on each product. The bottle reads:

“Philosophy: a clear mind can inspire your brightest days. resolve any conflicts that might be clouding your view. settle negative thoughts that cast a shadow on your state of mind. when we simplify our life the most luminous of days will appear before us”. 

To be applied over moisturizer, before foundation. It’s a very thin liquid and comes out fast, applies sheer and preps your skin so you get better results with your foundation. Contains 0.5 Salicylic Acid.

I have been using Philosophy products for years but have become more health conscious recently. I wish that they would take a more natural approach with green, natural ingredients. I am not trying to knock the brand, they have a ton of yummy body washes, I like their Falling in Love fragrance and I adore the sweet tins they put together for the holidays! I just think a natural, eco-conscious line would be sensational! No doubt there are a lot of chemicals in this primer and I am not a huge fan of Salicylic acid, as it’s not effective on my skin. I can see a difference this makes before foundation but I don’t think it’s worth the price.

Have you tried the product? If so what did you think? What is your favorite primer?