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Eco-Me is a green company who bring us safe, natural, eco-savvy cleaning products for home, laundry and pet. I love their story of getting started:

Founder of Eco-Me Robin Kay Levine, was motivated to start this company which provides safe and natural cleaning supplies after her sister was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 35. There were no family history of the disease, so Levine came along side her sister to examine environmental factors. These girls empowered themselves when they utilized resources like Breast Cancer Fund, The Consumer Product Safetly Comission, and Environmental Protection Agency to learn all about how harmful chemicals in our everyday products can effect our health. Motivated to take their health into their own hands, they replaced those products with all natural, eco-friendly alternatives and then designed a line for us!

Eco-Me was kind enough to send me their Bill All Purpose Cleaner for review! Also, they have offered up one to one of my beloved readers in a giveaway!!

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Tomorrow I will be posting a complete review of this cleaner, so please check back!