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I was literally like a kid counting down the days until Christmas waiting for my beauty gift from Lucky Magazine!! All the beauty products hand-selected by their Beauty Director Jean Godfrey!! What would she choose? The woman who, I imagine, has the most luxurious and highly sought after products from all over the world, sent to her daily! I am sure she has high expectations; It’s her opinion that decides the best in beauty.

Due to previous problems with my mail carrier service I opted to have my gift sent to my grandparents to ensure it would get to me safely. I tried calling the Black Ops to inform them of the special mission, but couldn’t get a hold of them so I was left to depend on UPS alone. So, to grandmother’s house it goes!

Our family cooks dinner there every week. On this particular night it was taco salad and I was running a bit late from the market and trying to make up for it by moving a quarter of a second faster than usual to feed the growling bellies. Despite my make-up melting in the summer heat, I didn’t hesitate to chug the nuked hot coffee I have missed ever so dearly! My coffee maker broke a couple weeks before and I still hadn’t got around to replacing it. I know what every coffee-drinker is thinking, “What do you mean gotten around? That’s as if you hadn’t gotten around to eating or sleeping or using the restroom in the last couple weeks! It’s what you need! It’s what you do!” Well, I have survived on tea, but still not quite satisfied, and my eyes are heavy during the 2-4 pm slump. So getting my fill of grandpas coffee, enjoying it so much I don’t even care that it’s black! It’s so hot I’m thinking Hawaii… Costa Rica… they aren’t the backdrop for my dreams anymore! The tropical weather, the humidity, it’s fogging my perspective as well as the windows. But the house, it is somewhat of a paradise, with babies laughter and grandmas sarcasm, I have to pause every now and then and thank God I forged my way into the right family! I love to serve them. I love the dinner table talks and breaking of bread. And at last, I am here again, as every week consuming all that I can. When the kitchen got quite, I knew I did good. Everyone’s mouths were too full to talk. Soon, rush hour was over and I had my little helpers busing the dishes when all at once I received orders from everyone in the house to close my eyes.What? Why? Oh my! It’s finally arrived! And it’s a large, heavy box. 14 lbs to be exact. I wanted to tear into it like a mad woman but I kept my composure and cherished the moment as I entered a beauty addicts heaven of lipsticks and pallets, and perfume. So much more than I had anticipated! That night, I pampered and primped and no longer felt like a tired mommy. Still a mommy, just not tired. 😉 I love being a girl!  I am so grateful to Lucky Magazine’s EIC Brandon Holly for giving me something to look forward to and so many great products to share with you, my beloved readers! I will be posting new product reviews often, so please follow to stay updated! Also, I love to hear your feedback and opinions!! Please share 🙂