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ImageUrban Decay Pallet Review


As a girly girl and a busy mom, I adore pampering myself when at all possible! I have been trying many new eco-friendly, organic, healthy products, such as Tarte to which I am utterly bedazzled by. But I am not giving up on Urban Decay, their shadows have been a favorite of mine since middle school. Many Urban Decay products are vegan, so that will be a plus to many of you.

Lucky Magazine’s editor-in-cheif Holly Brandon was kind enough to have this sent to me and I have been playing with these shadows for a few days now.

I am immediately smitten with the tin case that measure 5 1/2 x 4 1/2 inches. In my opinion it’s the perfect size. I like that it’s larger than traditional compact size but also not too bulky. I carry large purses and this could easily be thrown inside. The mirror is nice to have in this size as well.

The pallet includes 6 full size shadows in the colors (left to right, Note the first swatch is taken with flash and to the right is without flash. I chose not to edit pictures, I didn’t want to change or exaggerate colors in anyway)

Last Call– warm-toned reddish plum with pink shimmer.

Midnight Cowboy Rides Again– High sparkle/shimmer champagne (could be used as highlighter)

Evidence– Cobalt Blue Shimmer

Woodstock– Hot Pink Shimmer

Mildew– Mossy Green Shimmer

Walk of Shame– Vanilla Matte (you can hardly see it in the swatch, I tried but it blends right in)

All of the shadows have a rich, velvety texture that glides on and a staying power that won’t disappoint. Last Call, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, Evidence, and Mildew are all very high pigmented and it takes very little product. Where as, with the Woodstock I literally had to put 5-6 layers on my arm for the swatch so it would show up a vibrant color. The others it only took 2 quick strokes and the colors were striking. I am ok with Woodstock being a bit less pigmented because the color is so loud that it gives you the creative freedom to build the color if you want it a true, deep hot pink, or for a more subtle look, just a layer or 2 of color. Walk of Shame is a true vanilla matte color that compares to MAC Vanilla. I know a lot of people really like MAC’s Vanilla but I was disappointed with it because I have to work really hard to be able to tell if I have any on And I know that some may say “less is more” and the purpose of make up is to bring out your natural beauty and that is all fine but I like to use a highlighter on all over my lids, in the corners and underneath on top of my concealer to camouflage tired eyes or dark circles and MAC’s Vanilla just didn’t do it for me and Urban Decay didn’t do it for me either. As you can tell from the pictures, I am fair skinned and for darker skin tones Walk of Shame will stand out more and I think some will be happy with this shadow, it’s just not a go-to for me. Now lets get to the brush. It is a smooth brush that is exactly like my concealer brush for applying concealer with isn’t a powder. It is not bad for a brush that comes in a pallet. You know not to expect too much out of the brushes that aren’t purchased separately. This will not likely be your favorite, but it will get the job done in a pinch.

All in all, I would rate this pallet a 9. I really love it, and I can’t wait for others to start enjoying it as well.

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