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I am having a blast learning WordPress! I love the response so far and I want to introduce giveaways to my blog as soon as possible. Please follow and promote this blog, I will have a giveaway at every 100 reader mark.

Please take time to skim my About page and Tiny House Project page and if you believe in what I am doing and it gets your blood pumping, subscribe! I blog my little heart out for my readers. I LOVE when you offer up tips, ideas, rants, your fav organic recipe, your go to natural skin care or make up product!! Love it!!

Also, I just added a ne Thrift Store Finds Page, where you will see my new 7 for all Mankind Capris and Paige Premium Denim Jeans (original retail 198.00 each) that I scored for $1 during Salvation Army Dollar Days!! Support your local Salvation Army and keep hot brands like these our of our landfill. A lot of my finds end up on Ebay if your ever interested, keep that in mind. But mostly, I show you what you can get because I want to inspire you to do the same, and be eco-savvy consumers!! If you have thrift store, yard sale, or dumpster-dive finds that you just have to brag about, please bring them over to my page! I would love to see them!!!

Thank you so much for your support.

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