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I was very fortunate to have a lovely reader share this one with me, and so I want to pass it along to you!

It’s not too late to join Julep for .01 cent!! If your not familiar, this is similar to Birchbox, Test Tube, Eco-Emi, Loose Button. Like these other beauty subscriptions you pay a monthly fee and receive a beauty box filled with delux sample and occasionally a full size. Instead of make up and skincare Julep is all things nails!

All you have to do to take advantage of the next Julep box is follow this link http://julep.com/?r=22593429 where you will be prompted to fill out a quiz to find out what color best suits your personality! This only takes a minute to best match you to their products. My quiz results were BOMBSHELL!

After filling out your info, when at check out enter the code COLOR2012

This will take your bill from 19.99 to 0.01!!! No strings. No contract. If you don’t love Julep just cancel before the next issue and you will never pay them more than a penny. You can also skip months, come and go, as often as you like. Like what I do with Netflix.

I think you lovlies will enjoy this one, the retail of the box is 40.00, the regular price Julep charged is 20.00, but the price you will have to pay is a PENNY!!

PLEASE! Let me know how you like Julep when your gift arrives, I am waiting anxiously for mine!!