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I have used Aveeno products before and have been happy with them. Mainly I use the baby wash, eczema cream, bath soak, and sunscreens. That’s why I am happy to share with my readers that you can feel that much better when you use Aveeno because they are partnered with TerraCycle in the Beauty Brigades. Sounds awesome doesn’t it? It is, because once you sign up with TerraCycle at http://www.terracycle.com/en-US/ they will send you a collection box (for free) to which you will add all your waste from the products they work with (Like your empty Aveeno lotion or your empty Guerrero tortillas bag, or many many other participating products found on their site) and TerraCycle pays your postage (!!!!$^!#%^!%&!%$#!!!!) by downloading and printing the postage on their site. You now can take advantage of their very user-friendly and personalized points program. For every item you send to TerraCycle (that they will then upcycle to cool eco-friendly products) you earn points to redeem gifts for your favorite charities!! For Example: You can buy one weeks work of clean water for one person for 6 points, which translates into 1 empty Aveeno lotion bottle and 2 Guerrero Tostada bags. It’s simple. It’s a way to get rid of your waste (from items you use every day) for free and keep it out of landfills. TerraCycle will also accept your old laptops for a $5 credit to your account. While your on their site check out http://www.dwellsmart.com/TerraCycle-Drink-Pouch-Messenger-Bag?partner=TerraCycle where you can go shopping for all eco-friendly, upcycled products like a messenger bag made from Capris Sun juice pouches.

Happy cycling!

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