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In order for our family to save money and get our Tiny House project off the ground, I will have to cut corners and find ways of saving money. I have been hearing the buzz around beauty sample subscriptions and wanted to compare prices and get others opinions from those who have tried. The monthly fee ranges between $10-$50.

Some companies offering this service in the US :

Birchbox ($10 monthly)

New Beauty’s Test Tube ($29.95 + $8.95 shipping & handling, Quarterly)

Yellow Box Beauty ($34.96 +$7.95 shipping & handling, monthly)

Eco-Emi ($15 monthly, free shipping)

Obviously eco friendly products, hence the name. Always a plus!

Conscious Box ($12 monthly + $7 shipping & handling)

This is a green company providing sustainable products, not just in beauty but other items as well.

Pink Moment ($13 monthly)

Can’t tell by the name but this is also a green company

Make Up Monthly ($30, free shipping Monthly)

Beauty Fix ($49.99, free shipping, Quarterly)

Julep ($19.99 monthly)

Nail products

His Black Blox (for men, $12.00 monthly)

GoGoGirlfriend ($12.95 monthly or $6.95 every other month)

In Canada:

Loose Button (12.00 monthly)

Gylmm ($10 monthly, free shipping)

In th UK:

GlossyBox (10 + 2.95)

In Australia:

Lust Have it ($14.95 monthly or $160 a year)

For Baby:

Bluum.com (price unknown, you must request an invite)

For Food:

Blissmobox ($19 monthly)

Organic and eco-friendly.

Foodzie ($19.99 monthly)

As you can see there is a lot to choose from. I included a few subscriptions to food and baby/mommy boxes as well (what a great baby shower gift! The gift that keeps on giving).

When I first heard about this beauty trend I wasn’t keen on the idea since I am an avid sampler and regularly get beauty samples for free. So, why pay for them?

I stay current on websites such as Hunt4Freebies.com. Target and Walmart regularly put out freebies as well and they go super fast. And my local beauty counters at the mall occasionally offer up high end deluxe samples that last. I am still using my Keihls Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate 2 months after visiting the Keihls counter. The higher end products are pricey, it’s nice to try before you buy. (I will share with my readers more about sampling and post updates on can’t miss items regularly, so please subscribe).

If I have the time to keep up with it, I might recieve a couple samples a day (not all beauty), but I rarely do anymore. I am just too busy, as I assume others are as well, and that is why these subscriptions are becoming more and more appealing.

Then, I searched the “unboxing” of such beauty sample subscriptions on YouTube and I am officially smitten. After doing a lot of research I am most exited to try Birchbox. At $10 bucks a month, on a month-to-month, I really don’t have much to loose. I like that you sometimes get full size products from a mix of drugstore and  high-end brands. I love that you can earn reward points from trying out the items in your monthly subscriptions, and those points can be used to purchase full size products (at retail) from their site. It’s functional and fun and I appreciate when stores have these incentive programs. Ebay does this with their Ebay Bucks and Drugstore.com also does this with Drugstore Bucks. I shop both of these on a regular basis and it really pays off. Plus, I enjoy the convenience of shopping at home at midnight (if I want to) while my kids are peacefully sleeping in their beds. Fellow parent’s out there know even the grocery store is a challenge with kids, and I have 3( ages 1, 5, and 9). Once in a great while I will take my 5 year old daughter to Sephora as a special treat so we can try new products (she is the ultimate girly girl, like her mommy) and she may walk away with a Fresh Sugar Lip Balm. As a monthly routine for toiletries and beauty products I prefer to get it in the mail. I only wish I would have joined Birchbox sooner as I saw what some girls got last month and many received a delux purse sample of Taylor Swifts Wonderstruck Perfume!!!! Which happens to be the fragrance I am aching to try! Too Bad 😦 I am so exited to see what’s in next month’s box when it comes neatly wrapped at my door. I will post a review and show you what I get from my Birchbox next month, so if your new to this trend like me, watch out for that.

Now, just because I am choosing to try Birchbox first doesn’t mean I am not interested in these other companies. Especially the one’s that are offering green, sustainable products! Those are next on my list.

I would LOVE to hear feedback from anyone who has any beauty sample subscription. Good or bad reviews. Please share!!