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I figure if The Jones’ plan is to pay off their house in the next 30 years (assuming they don’t refinance for the new car or kitchen remodel), then we can spend the next year building ours on mostly salvaged and donated material. We can take our time to hunt and build and maybe it will take longer than a year, maybe less, but either way, when we are done, it’s ours. Most “homeowners” today really aren’t owners at all. The banks own our dream. We pay $400,000 for a home that we bought for $234,000. What we all desire most is freedom.

If it’s mobile, if it’s built on a trailer like the “Tiny house people” do to get around city code, we don’t have to find the land first, we can get started right away! I think this is the best thing we have decided to do for our family and I will fall in love with it more and more as we see it take form. Of course, for a family our size we will need the largest, most efficient tiny house. lol Please everyone, do yourself a favor and check out the video on my blog titled “We the Tiny House People”. Who says you need a minimum of 2,000 sq ft of living space? There isn’t a magic number. Everyone’s needs are different. It’s more about simplifying our lives, so we aren’t working our whole lives to simply pay off the house. Working to just keep our heads above water. I don’t want to one day regret I didn’t get to watch my kids grow up because I was too busy making sure they are wearing the new cool shoes or simply keeping a roof over our heads. (Besides, my kids are the best dressed kids and I ditched the mall and the Gymboree & Janie & Jack Boutiques for the thrift stores. They wear the same brands, I just get them for a fraction of the price. There is more than enough to go around). There was a time, that it was the norm to build the home you lived in and then it was passed down generations. Now, the government controls everything and city codes require minimum square footage, so even these darling storybook houses built by professional contractors are illegal to dwell in because they simply aren’t big enough! Yet, neighboring Sacramento Counties have set up tent cities (which are legal if your already a resident of Sacramento, CA) where folks of all walks of life and family with children of all ages are literally living in tents as a remedy for the housing crisis. God forbid we take our futures in our own hands and build not only a home but a legacy to pass on to our children, and we do all of this while living within our means, debt free!