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I have been feeding my face!!! Yes, with all kinds of good stuff thanks to Tarte Cosmetics’s Maracuja Miracle 12 Hr- Foundation with SPF 15 which is infused with maracuja oil, a kind of passion fruit unique to Brazil and the Amazon. I like that is has an SPF because I am lazy about applying this separately and too heavy of an SPF breaks me out.

Maracuja oil has a lot of benefits. It’s anti-inflammatory properties help reduce redness caused my dry skin, sun, and acne. It has fatty acids that moisturize and feed your skin. It provides a nice balance by neutralizing the production of sebum in the skin, so it won’t be too oily or too dry. So, I would recommend this foundation for all skin types. I still had to use my Sephora oil absorbing blotting sheets after about 5 hrs of wearing this. This says 12 hr wear, I would say 8-12 hours. You may need a touch up, but I am pleased with the performance.

This is a medium coverage foundation. It goes on with a velvety, soft finish and has a dewy, natural look. I have found that if you are one that is concerned with large pores, a dewy finish will work best to create the illusion of minimizing pores. A loose powder brushed lightly over your face to set your foundation and eliminate shine will do. As the day goes on, you will notice the moisturizing benefits of this foundation. My skin is very sensitive/acne prone and it gave me as close to flawless that I have found in a bottle! I like how soft my skin is when wearing it and I like that it doesn’t look orange or pink. (I wear Light in this foundation, which was almost too dark for me. If you are very fair skinned look for a lighter shade) It covers all my imperfection without looking cakey.

Tarte’s Miracle 12-hr just launched on QVC this month (July, 13 ‘12) and comes in a kit with lots of extras @ an extreme savings. Foundation alone retails $35.00-$45.00 and this is a 6 piece set $54.96.

I haven’t been using this foundation long enough to see if it is going to deliver any long term results. I will post an update a 2-4 months from now and let you know if I notice any improvement in my overall skin health, texture, inflammation, fine lines, etc. Any of those would be a huge bonus, as I don’t rely on make up to do the healing/correcting. Generally, I try to stay consistent in my skin-care routine to keep it healthy but if this foundation gives my skin-care routine even a small boost, I will be more than happy.

Has anyone else tried this foundation? Please share your experiences and opinions by using the “ask me anything” option at the top, right of page.

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