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I won a Lucky Magazine sweepstakes for Rusk Deep Shine moisturizing shampoo & conditioner!! Yay!! I LOVE Lucky Mag! Been reading it since it hit the news stands, so errr 10 years or so??? Anyway, I won! I won! I won! This happened about 7 or 8 months ago. Due to some mix up with Rusk, I never received my win until last week. Don’t worry, Holly Brandon, editor-in-chief at Lucky took care of it once I got in touch with her. We all know Ms Brandon as an uber successful woman overseeing one of the most influential fashion magazine’s in America but what?.. she is also a very down-to-earth woman who cares about her readers!!?? Brandon responded to my email within hours and suggested I call her personally!! Which, I did, duh. I felt faint when Brandon asked me to give my colors and skin type so they can send me a gift of beauty products as an apology for the mix up. I love when that happens!! Those random acts of kindness from a stranger.  I will be sure to add reviews of the beauty products I receive from Lucky as soon as they arrive! I can’t wait to see what was hand-picked from the Lucky staff!! Their opinions are king. So stay-tuned for those upcoming reviews!! But for now, lets get back to Rusk Deep Shine Oil Shampoo and Conditioner.

The first thing I noticed from the bottle was that it contains pure argan oil, which I was exited about. Argan oil is derived from an endangered tree in Morocco that is protected by UNESCO, which ensures it’s reforestation. It’s rich in vitamin C and essential fatty acids. It’s a natural SPF and so it protects skin and hair from the sun. It exploded in the beauty hemisphere a few years ago and continues to be a must-have in. I use it in my daily routine, an organic, pure argan oil smoothed over my tresses just before I apply any heat to my hair. It has replaced my Chi Silk Infusion (nothing against Chi, it’s also a great product) and lasts for ages! I can’t seem to get rid of the bottle! So naturally, I am glad Rusk included this in their Deep Shine shampoo. The other thing I immediately noticed is that it is sulfate-free!! Which, I have recently learned is a must in any shampoo. Now let me tell you, for anyone who is thinking about switching from a favorite shampoo to one that is sulfate-free, your hair will thank you for it! Sulfates are what cause the suds in nearly every shampoo on the market. We are all trained to believe every good shampoo should have the bubbly. We will just have to let that go, ladies. Sulfates are the detergent in the shampoo that brakes up the oils and dirt in your hair, but they also strip your hair of the natural oils which keep your scalp and hair healthy. I have read that sulfates can cause hair loss and even cancer. Since I have been coloring my hair since I was 15, my hair is predisposed to damage. I tend to have very oily hair at the roots and dry hair at the ends, so this is a problem, because I hate going a day without washing my hair. I love that with this shampoo, I don’t have to! It’s a gentle every day shampoo. I will definitely purchase this shampoo. Neither the shampoo nor conditioner have an overpowering scent of any kind. It’s a faint, clean, marine-like scent. The conditioner does the job but it won’t soon replace my Pantene Pro-V straightening conditioner, which I remain loyal to. But back to Rusk, you get an A for the shampoo. The conditioner in this set, although it’s not bad, it doesn’t compare to my favorite drugstore brand, so I won’t be purhcasing. Thank you Lucky & Rusk for bringing us fun a sweepstakes!