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Retail 22.00 USD 4 fl oz


I recently introduced this new face wash into my daily skin care regimen. I traded out my old faithful Cetaphil bar face soap for something more powerful. Cetaphil face wash is a mild, moisturizing soap great for sensitive skin. I like that it doesn’t irritate or break out my face and is cheap and easily accessible but it also doesn’t do anything to really improve and repair. So I was looking for something more and had never heard of John Masters Organics so I had no idea what to expect when I picked up this minimalistic brown bottle.

This pumps an airy, foam wash that has a cooling effect. I like this, especially in the morning to help wake me up. The scent reminds me of tea tree oil but less abrasive and I don’t think it contains tea tree, I am just using that as a reference. Does anyone use Paul Mitchell Tea tree soap or shampoo? It vaguely reminds me of this. This wash works up quite a lather, especially when used in conjunction with my Olay face brush. 22.00 may be pricey but one pump is all you need per application and I think this bottle is going to last me a long time. I love that it makes me feel clean and refreshed without leaving my skin tight or dry.

There were no product ingredients listed on the bottle so I paid a visit to the John Masters Organics website to learn more and discovered this is power-packed with 20 oil fighting extracts and 8 certified organic ingredients including:

Citrus Oils

Willowbark Extract from the Swiss Alps (antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, astringent)

Alpha Hydroxy (exited, because I needed an alpha hydroxy product to help exfoliate)

Organic Bearberry Extract (natural oil fighting/balancing)

AHA (speeds up skin renewal)

I give this wash an A. I wish it was as cheap as my Cetaphil but it’s definitely a good discovery and I hope it lasts a couple of months at least. I can’t wait to try more John Masters Organics products! If anyone is familiar with this brand, please share your own review! I’d love to hear from you.

Also a quick note on Organic products: Be sure to look for the words “certified organic” to ensure your not falling for the schemes of brands who want bragging rights of using organics but also cram all kinds of harmful chemicals in their products. Be the eco-savvy shoppers I know you are, and share what works for you!